Cosmic Crystal Bath Bombs

Cosmic Crystal Bath Bombs contains scents and essences correlated to each celestial configuration and a planetary charged and mantra infused cosmic crystal.

Aries ♈ Tiger Lilly 
Crystal: Clear Quartz 

Taurus ♉ Gardenia 
Crystal: malachite 

Gemini ♊ Mandarin 

Cancer ♋ Lilly 
Crystal: Moonstone

Leo ♌ scent: Amber 
crystal: citrine 

 Virgo ♍ Lavender 

Libra ♎ peppermint rose
crystal : rose quartz  

Scorpio ♏ opium 
crystal: garnet 

Sagittarius ♐ Sage 
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli 
Capricorn ♑ Cypress 
crystal: Smokey Quartz 

Aquarius ♒ anise 
Crystal : amethyst 

Pisces ♓ Vegan Ambergrise    
Crystal: aqua aurae.