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Clear Quartz Generator

Clear Quartz Generator


Clear Quartz Generator 


This Clear Quartz crystal does more than add a shimmer of pure light to your sacred space. Clear Quartz raises vibrations + amplifies energy in its surrounding area!

High vibe + high grade AA *extra quality* Brazilian Clear Quartz . 

Fill your home with high vibe crystal energy with Clear Quartz! 

Perfect addition for your alter, coffee table, bookshelf, office table or night stand! 


Clear Quartz Generators are translucent (higher the grade, clearer the crystal), terminated and feature beautiful rainbow windows!


This listing is for 1 Clear Quartz Generator




4- 5 " inches tall (average)


5-6 " inch. tall  x 2-3 " w(avrg)


7 " inch tall average 


9-11 " tall 

 *Specials will feature inclusions and rainbow windows. *

These gorgeous gemstone points; a natural product, sizes, colors and textures will vary. The higher the grade, the clearer the clarity. 


Lightly dust + smudge ( Palo Santo or sage will work) to re-charge your crystal! You may also leave your crystal out in the Sun, or Moonlight to re-charge as well. 



Made with love and planetary energy before I ship out to you.

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