Clear Quartz Lamp

Clear Quartz Lamp


Glowing Clear Quartz Crystal Lamp will illiminate and cleanse your sacred space while emitting ions that restore and revitalize your aura and atmosphere creating unforgettable ambiance. Perfect bohemian addition to your home!


Clear Quartz Lamps comes with bulb + 6 ft lamp cord; options for chakra bulb and led bulbs are available on checkout.


Each crystal is unique because of its nature; color, shape, and size will slightly vary due to its nature.


Small size ranges 4.5-6 inches tall Large lamps size ranges 7-9 inches tall Add a color changing chakra light on checkout!


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  • Crystal Care

    To carefully care for your crystal lightly dust, smudge and cleanse once a month with palo santo or sage.  To keep you crystal at its strongest metaphysically, make sure to properly sage your crystal lamp once a month. Charhing crystals in sunlight and understarligh and Moonlight is also beneficial. To find the most magical infusion date check the planetary transits with your mobile device , or download an ephemeris.  Sign up for our monthly Crystal Cleanse Care Package.