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Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite Crystal Cluster


Celestite Crystal *UNIQUE* in cluster form with gorgeous baby blue druzy inside.

High vibe + Extra quality celestite crystal cluster 

Natural celestite druzy on rock cluster formation from Madagascar.

Planetary charged and mantra infused.

Colors & formation; 

Celestite is associated with Jupiter as its planetary ruler. The Great Benefic grants wisdom and higher knowledge. Thus being known as a “wisdom stone". To this day practitioners of reiki and Feng Shui use the crystal for its healing and protection properties The ancient Egyptians used the crystal as a protection stone to protect and aid the spirit to the after life. 



The Throat Chakra is defined voice of the body that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. When Qi is blocked and stagnant, or unbalanced; Celestite can aid in re-alignment and opening the throat Chakra by stimulating and allowing energy to the soul (mind) and heart (body) enabling. Thus allowing all the chakra to be balanced. With Jupiter's association , the liver is associated as well astrologically in old texts. being a stone of Jupiter , its connection to abundance and joy helps with depression and to cure melancholia. 

Jupiter's water side. In Traditional texts Jupiter is the ruler of water sign pisces. The crystal aids in times of transitions; protects in dreams and especially in astral travel. The stone channels higher knowledge and offers fortitude and a shield during meditation.

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