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Angel Aura Quartz Point

Angel Aura Quartz Point


Angel Aura Quartz Point


 *UNIQUE*  crystals point with gorgeous iridescent colours and magical metaphysical properties! 


Colors & formation; 


"Angel Aura" refers to an iridescent shine to a natural quartz crystal. Under heat , high grade metallic atoms from platinum and silver mix and fuse to clear quartz crystals, which create this stones iridescent radiance and incandescent glow. This process does not alter the natural makeup or structure but heighten its energetic properties from the power of its mineral mixture.

High vibrational Crystal + Extra quality Angel Aura Points feature cut bases. 


100% Genuine Natural Crystal Quartz from Brazil





2 " inch average 



2.5- 3 " average height



3.5- 4 " Inches


XL :

4.5 -6 " inch


Please allow for some natural variation in size, shape and color/hue.


This listing is for a one (1) Angel Aura Point.

Cosmically charged crystals during Venus and the Moon rising on fixed star Fomalhaut in the Pisces constellation.


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