Amethyst Mirror

Amethyst Mirror


Amethyst Mirror

High quality + high vibe Brazilian Amethyst. AAA Extra Quality

Amethyst Mirrors are secured in custom made metal clasps with mirror inside. Back iron hook to hang.

comes cosmically charged under elected planetary alignments by astrologer. 

Amethyst, is a powerful energy transmuter and a spiritual and high vibrational gemstone.

A perfect stone for stimulating the third eye.

It is a tranquillizer, calming the mind. This is when meditation comes into place: it turns thoughts away, providing serenity and deeper understanding. It is said to be the best stone for a "sober mind" with its planetary association with Saturn -- the cosmic gatekeeper, lord of wisdom and discipline. 

The aquarian birthstone with the zodiac signs planetary rulership being Saturn

It is important to mention that it raises consciousness levels, promoting spirituality. 

This stone is also perfect for a good sleep when there is insomnia caused by an overactive mind. It can also help against recurrent nightmares. Its calming properties are beneficial to alleviate anger, anxiety, fear and rage.

Size variations are available in the menu bar.

Size Large special

10-11 " inch tall × 6-7" inches wide × 2-3 " depth 
Weight : a little over 8 pounds

Planetary charged and cleansed before shipment to you.