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Amethyst Heart Geode

Amethyst Heart Geode


Amethyst Heart Geode  (Rare Amethyst Heart )


Amethyst Heart Geode Surrounded by Agate and White Quartz. 

Gorgeous Crystals fuse together in this unique special specimen. At the heart of this piece we can see intense deep purple amethyst crystals with an impressive peak size, surrounded by a white quartz layer. The contrast between the white quartz and amethyst is spectacular! 

The frame of the amethyst formation is composed of a fusion of agate and quartz with amethyst. 



 11 " tall on custom made stand 

Weight with out stand: 13 lbs  

EXTRA RARE Amethyst Crystal Heart featured on special made iron stand.

Unique extra quality Amethyst Heart comes with iron stand; heart may be taken off and used as a stand alone piece.  Amethyst druzy center will add depth and dimension to your heart and home décor. Its energy will instantly transform any environment into a sacred space!

At the back of the heart the white quartz is the main characteristic with Agate.  Also, it’s possible to perceive some traces of the rough basalt. The smooth stone enables us to appreciate all the layers of the different mineral formations and contrasts beautifully with the amethyst point crystals in the center.

 100 percent Genuine earth artifact.

You will receive item in the photo.

This listing is for one (1) Polished Amethyst Heart Geode 
 on custom made Iron stand.

charged and cleansed before shipment to you.

Lightly dust to clean! Don’t forget to recharge your crystal with smudge sticks - palo Santo or sage - to clear and reset your gorgeous minerals. 


Made with love, light, and planetary energy before I ship out to you.

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