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Amethyst Candle Holders

Amethyst Candle Holders


Amethyst Candle Holder will illuminate your home with cosmic + crystal energy !

Amethyst, a gorgeuos royal gemstone with colors that range from deep grape purple to light ethereal lilac hues. These make a perfect addition to any crystal collection, or a sentimental gift for any sacred space.

Candle holders feature AA grade amethyst druzy tealight holders .The centers are hollowed out in the center and may be used as a tealight/votive candle holder, trinket holder and or planter. I love to use crystal tealights to hold my crystal spheres!

These amethyst tealight holders glitter and gleam as light catches each druzy point.

Includes (1 ) tealight candle.

Options for dark amethyst and light amethyst are available in the drop down menu.

Care : Dust lightly to clean.



average 4 - 4.5" inch.


5 - 5.5 " inch (average)

XL :

6 -7" inches length

There may be slight variations in size, shape and color.

Each and every one comes planetary charged and mantra infused before shipment to you <3


Due to variations in amethyst crystals, the candle holder you receive will vary slightly in size + appearance from what is pictured here.


Made with love, light and planetary energy before I ship out to you.

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