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Taurus Halloween Costume

Taurus Halloween Costume Guide...

Poison Ivy

Taurus is the sensual and seductive earth creatrix of the zodiac. Making Poison Ivy an ideal costume for Taurus, as she is a sexy super villain who protect's the earth. You can easily turn this into a couples costume with Bane, Batman or even Cat Woman.

Audry Hepburn

Audry Hepburn was a Taurus! You can choose to go as classic Holly Golightly, or as her sleeping beauty get up from Breakfast at Tifffany's. Get a friend to join and do both!


A sexy and alluring costume perfect for Taurus as the star of Medusa sits in the Taurus constellation. In myth, Medusa was the most beautiful temple priestess cursed into a monstrous Gorgan with snakes in her hair. All you need is a warrior turned to stone for a couples costume.


Taurus is represented by the bull in the zodiac, making the Matador a perfect Halloween look for Taurus. Madonna and her bulls are my personal favorite.


Taurus is the soft and sensual goddess of the zodiac. The Geisha's role was to accompany a man with her beauty and talent indulging & enhancing his experience of art, beauty and pleasure.

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