Pisces Horoscope

I know you have been feeling extra glam & magnetic with Venus in your sign but the love goddess will move into aries on the 6th of April to align with the New Moon. On April 7th Luna aligns with the fiery Sun in his place of exaltation in your 2nd house of talents, assets and resources. Your finances should be fabulous this month! You may even find this to be quite surprising or maybe even shocking since Uranus is tied in closely to the New Moon. Pluto will be in your 11th house of friends, groups and organizations in hard angle to the new moon. If you are traveling during this time take extra care of your money as you may spend it unexpectedly with Uranus in your second. 


Saturn has been traveling back and forth over your 10th house axis since December 2014. Saturn is the karmic task master. He dishes out delays and obstructions when we aren't on the right path, or just so that we gain  spiritual wisdom.  You may be going through a re-construction of your vocation or you are either swamped with work which causes self restriction. The tenth house governs your public persona and aspects of yourself which represent your individuality expressed by your accomplishments. Just don't forget to over look your internal life and neglect your fam. bc you are a busy bird.


Mars will go retrograde in your 10th house on April 17th. Mars is the ruler of your second house which rules your talents and earning ability and also your 9th house of spirituality and long distance travel. You may find that your job requires you to travel, or do something which is foreign to you. Since mars also rules war watch out for authority figures. Remain responsibly conscious, this isn't a good time to get into any battles. 


Jupiter has been in your solar 7th house along side the North node of the Moon. Jupiter is a benific and rules your Sun. This transit favors intimate one-to-one partnership. Although this transit doesn't indicate marriage, it makes a marriage work if you are in one. Maybe this is your marriage with your job since Jupiter also is the ruler of your 10th, Or you may find that you meet someone at work whom you are romantically interested in. 


On April 21 there will be a full moon at 2 degrees scorpio which highlights your 9th house bringing wanderlust to foreign lands and or a spiritual mission. This Moon will have you packing on a journey and maybe you meet someone in a foreign land and your Jupiter/7th house kicks in ; )


Mercury goes retrograde in your 3rd house so make sure you have all your day to day routine taken care of before the 29th of April.