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Leo May Horoscope

On May 7th The Taurus New Moon activates your house of career and social status.  It is your time to shine, Leo. Venus, the goddess of love, will also be in your career sector which may spark favorable circumstances when it comes to your profession or true vocation. . You  may even find yourself in artist endevours, or you may find love in the arena of your professional life. Since Venus also rules your 3rd house this may be while you are at work or traveling to and or from your job; or you may just simply fall more in love with a project you are working on.  If it is work that you fall in love with it may be that your partner has some issues and ill explain why;  


If you are not married but in a relationship that means that your relationship is 5th house and currently there are two retrograde planets there. Mars, planet of desire, drive and war, stationed retrograde on April 17th. Typically this is a time when you want to be expressing your self at your fullest. However, since Mars is retrograde there may be some introspection going on within. And since Mars is a malific while it may heat up your love life it can also over heat your love life creating a war like situation with a lover. Simultaneously, Saturn, the planet of delay and obstruction, is also in your 5th house and he rules your 7th house of partnership. So you may be facing some karmic situations with your passions and lovers which feel restricting. Saturn is also squaring Jupiter in your house of values one last time on May 22nd the day after the intense Full Moon.



Jupiter the planet of gains finally went direct in motion on May 9th after being retrograde since January 8th. A circumstance or situation will move forward when he gets to the degree of his stationary retrograde in August -- so you still have some time to prepare for whatever that circumstance was for you. Santa Claus is an archetype of Jupiter and he is moving through your solar second which is the house of resources. However the ruler of Jupiter is Mercury and the trickster is currently in his retrograde phase in your house of profession.  So you can expect some delays as usual with any retrograde. Be careful in what you invest in and wait to sign papers and make any large purchases till Mercury goes direct on May 22nd. 


The Full Moon will occur on May 21st illuminating your solar 5th house. The Moon represents our emotions and she will be aligned with Mars creating a really intense day. Watch what you say and what you do bc the Moon and Mars will be in Sagittarius the sign who says it like it is. Try to stay away from people who are angry or provoking fights and wait till after the Full Moon. Try not to let those lion claws come out. Have the strength and bravery to face the challenges smoothly instead of like a wildlife documentary. 


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