Leo Horoscope

The Aries New Moon activates your 9th house of higher education,spirituality, long distance travel and divination. The 9th house rules that which we are unfamiliar with; foriegners, flying saucers, occult knowledge & spirituality. With the New Moon and Uranus are also positive energy flow to your Sun you should get a boost of confidence to explore new teritories. The Sun is your ruler, so you will be filled with ideas in the new area that appears to be opening up for you. On April 7th unpredictable circumstances may manifest out of thin air, as the new moon will also be conjunct Uranus. You can expect surprises with this New Moon, and maybe even spontaneous travel in your distant future. This may even have something to do with a karmic love situation since the fiery planet of passion is going retro in your 5th house of love.


The New Moon will be in hard aspect to Pluto in your 6th house of work and daily routine. A situation around work or health may be at crisis. Whatever it may be try to communicate about your issues before the 18th when Pluto goes retrograde again. Saturn the ruler of your 6th househas  been traversing through your 5th house since December of 2014 creating restriction when it comes to creative recreation; lovers, hobbies, artistic pursuits & passion. With Saturn ruling your 6th house this means that you are going to have to work extra hard to achieve 5th house matters.


The planet of war, sex, vitality  and drive goes retrograde in your 5th house of love, passion & creation on April 17th till June 30th. You may feel like you aren't able to attain your 5th house endevours because of your living situation, or becuase your foundations are not reliable. The god of war rules over your 4th house of home and with Mercury opposing your 4th house this may be a rattling transit where you will be thinkig if your living situation is  in alignmnet with your vocation.



The Full Moon on April 21st will be at 2 degrees scorpio highlighting your 4th and 10th house axis. This shoul be be an intense Full Moon since it will be hitting your angles. The Moon will illuminate matters involving family, home, career and your visible position/lifestyle.


Mercury will go retrograde on April 29th. Mecury rules over your second house of rescouces where you currently have Jupiter and the North Node transiting. In the middle of March when Jupiter and Saturn squared there may have been a drain or restriction in your 2nd house of income. Try to get all paper signed before Mercury goes retrograde on April 29th. Mercury retrograde is not an ideal time to sign contracts, move or make any big fifnacial decisions since it rules over your 2nd house.