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Gemini MAY Horoscope

"You cant be wise and in love at the same time."

- Gemini Bob Dylan 

...New Moon...


On May 7th, the day of the New Moon, Luna will join the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your solar 12th house. Transits to the 12th house are about tapping into the hidden and Karmic aspects of the psyche. This is also the house of hidden enemies, places of confinements (like ashrams, or hospitals), the house of self- undoing and unfinished business. This is typically a good time to do something behind the scenes or take a retreat of solitude. However, if you are trying to get recognition this month hold off till June when the Sun illuminates your Sun. Planets transiting the 12th housebring an opportunity to get in touch with your subconscious mind. You can try by paying attention to your  dreams. This may be a good way to get a better understanding of what you truly need.This is a good time to write and and meditate since you will be so in touch with the unconscious. .

...Mercury Retrograde...


Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde from April 28th to May 22nd. The trickster planet rules your 4th house of home so you may find yourself moving or needing to move. If your are thinking about moving I would advice you to wait to sign the lease or contract till Mercury has gone direct on May 22nd. With Mercury retrograde in your 12th you may be more in touch with your hidden/trickster side, and or others trickster side. Especially since mercury will be in your house of enemies.  You may find that someone from the home plays the trickster with your valuable possessions. However, Mercury retro only breaks flimsy and weak relationships. Take this retrograde as a mini retreat to get back in touch with you, both of you ; )

...Mars Retrograde...


Mars has been retrograde since late April in you solar 7th house of partnerships. The fiery planet of war and desire is currently at the peak of his retrograde. This can be quite messy since Mars has to do with splitting and severing.  However, Mars is teaching you how to re-construct your relationship arena so that when he goes direct you will be fully loaded for healthier people to enter your life. The seventh house  also rules your open enemies and with a malific like Mars it is more that likely you may be dealing with archetype situations of war revolving around your relationships --and possibly the most closest people to you. . Since Mars rules your 6th house as well the focus will be getting your health and daily routine in check. Mars is focused action and drive.  Since Mars also rules your 11th house reassessing your social sphere would also be a good idea.

...Full Moon...


On May 21 the Moon at 1 degrees Sagittarius will align with Mars at his peak in your 7th house partnerships and oppose the Sun on your Sun or Solar first house. This will be a super intense full Moon on the axis of tell it like it is Sagittarius and trickster Gemini.Especially for you Gemini and that is because it will be on your relationship axis. Try to stay calm and avoid people who want to start a fight for the sake of it.  Even if there are issues which need to be confronted wait till after the peak of the Full Moon.

On May 22nd the Sun will illuminate your Sun and or Solar 1st house. So Happy Birthday and Solar Return to you early Geminis! 







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