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Gemini Horoscope

On April 7th the New Moon took place in  your 11th house of friendship, hopes, dreams, wishes & organization's. Since the Moon rules your 2nd house of resources and the Sun your third house of daily routine; you may come in contact with a friend or someone in your local area which you end up profiting from in some way.  Since Uranus is in the loop of this new Moon it will be a surprise.


Saturn and Mars opposing your solar 7th house signifies that there may be restrictions and karmic situations pertaining to partnership.  You may feel a sense of self restriction & self limitation with Saturn opposing your Sun ever since December 2014. You may also have more responsibility which you have to take on which you didn’t anticipate. Oppositions typically pull in the opposing planet. So this may mean that a Saturnain figure may be in your way in an authoritative standpoint. Saturn on the descendant may also be a time where you commit to a certain partnership.You may feel under the thumb by this person.  However, we gain spiritual strength and wisdom through the obstructions of Saturn. If you have been thinking about moving or long distance travel Saturn may also be restricting you from that. Don’t be too hard on yourself gemini you are going through a period of transformation. Saturn slows us down so we can be set on the right track. 


Mars will go retrograde in your 7th house of partnership on April 17th. The planet of drive, passion and desire will have a strong emphasis on your open relationships, business and pleasure. Mars also puts emphases on your 6th house of health, daily activity and work. Beware of disagreements since Mars is also the planet of war between April 17th and June 29th.  Mar's is backtracking your 7th house so that you can re-structure that area of your life after the battle field is over. Also, when planets go retrograde they pull people back and sincethis is happening in your solar 7th a past lover may come back around, an old friend, or colleague. Since Mars rules your 6th house the focus will be getting your easily routine in check. The key principle of Mars is focused action & drive. From April 17th till June you should not make any major moves but instead plan for when Mars turns direct.  Since Mars also rules your 11th house reassessing your social sphere would also be a good idea.


Mercury your planetary ruler will go retrograde on April 29th until May 22nd. The messenger god will be going retro in your 12th house, which is the house of secrets, hidden enemies & self-undoing. Since Mercury rules your 4th house the theme will revolve around your self (1st house) and 4th house of home.  Your sense of self will be transformed in some way from something you find out around this time. Since the 4th house also rules your ancestor and ancient roots maybe you will hear from a relative. Jupiter and the North Node are also transiting your 4th house. North Node transits bring gain and Jupiter is the greater benefic. This may mean that once your foundations are stable that your 7th house of partnership and 10th house of career can become more balanced.


The Full Moon on April 21st will fall in your 6th house at 2 degrees Scorpio. The full moon will emphasis your 6th an 12 house axis. Which has to do with balancing isolation and work, health and mental health. This Full Moon may also illuminate your health and vitality.  Most likely you will be getting a flashes of awareness of your communication style and how it may need to be tweeked since the Sun rules your 3rd house.This has to do with working behind the scenes. Since the Moon rules your second house this may bring in some resources for you or a boost in your values. 


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