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On May 7th the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury will align in your sector of income, personal assets, talents and values. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be in her sign of rulership during the New Moon which means she will be uber strong and pulling in positive energy from your sector of one- to- one partnerships. Venus sparks an attraction. 


Happy Birthday Taurus! This month is all about you. The New Moon will take place on your Sun and or solar first house.Venus - the ruler of your Sun - will join Mercury, the Sun and Moon on May 7th. The Sun represents your spiritual essence, inner self and center of purpose. With Venus on your Sun during the new Moon you will feel a new appreciation for yourself and  


On May 7th, the day of the New Moon, Luna will join the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your solar 12th house. Transits to the 12th house are about tapping into the hidden and Karmic aspects of your psyche. This is also the house of hidden enemies, places of confinements (like ashrams, or hospitals), the house of self- undoing and unfinished business. This is typically a 


The New Moon aligns in your social sphere. This should be a great month for friendship and getting in touch with your community. Venus in your 11th house sparks all sorts of lovely attractions especially with woman. The Moon-your planetary ruler- will be 


 The Moon will align with the Sun on  May  7th in your Solar  8th house of other peoples money and or joint  resources. Your ruler - Venus - will also be aligned to the New Moon in her sign of rulerhsip. This is a great day to ask for a loan or resources since the New Moon will also . 


On May 7th the Moon in sensual taurus will align in your house of love and pleasure! This is also the sector of your chart which rules over fun, games, entertainment, children and creativity. You may feel very passionate about your feelings on these topics and 

On May 7th The Taurus New Moon activates your house of career and social status.  It is your time to shine, Leo. Venus, the goddess of love, will also be in your career sector which may spark favorable circumstances when it comes to your profession or true vocation. . You  may even find 


The New Moon aligns in your solar 7th house of one-to-one relationships. Luna will be in her sign of exaltation in sensual taurus.  Venus - the the goddess of love - will be in her strength and shooting cupids arrows straight to your house of partnership- business or pleasure.  Neptune, the 


On May 7th the Moon in sensual taurus will align with Venus, Mercury and the Sun in your house of home, domestic affairs, ancestors and your  foundations. Since you are an aquarius and you feel weird electronic vibrations which fizz of people and things, you 

On May 7th the Moon will align with the Sun in Taurus in the sector of your chart which  rules foreign travel, higher learning and spirituality. The Moon and Sun will also be in a very fortunate and fertile part of taurus . Venus, the planet of love, will be very strong in 


 The exalted Moon in sensual taurus will align with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your house of health and work. This is the perfect day to set your intentions on how you would like your month to be. With all these planets in your house of work and health you may find our self busy with 


On May 7th the Moon in sensual taurus will align with Venus, Mercury and the Sun in your house of the goddess - the third house. The ambiance of your day-to - day routine will be pleasurable. The New Moon will not only be in her place of exaltation but in her joy in your 

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