Cancer Horocope

"The past is a place of reference not a place of residenc." -anonymous 

The New Moon aligns in your social sphere. This should be a great month for friendship and getting in touch with your community. Venus in your 11th house sparks all sorts of lovely attractions especially with woman. The Moon-your planetary ruler- will be in her sign of exaltation in sensual and earthy Taurus stabilizing your hopes, wishes and dreams. Since this will all be in your 11th house you may also be meeting with people from the internet or speculating projects for your career . However, Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from April 29 to June 22 -- so expect agreements to falter through and try not to be disappointing.


Mercury the ruler of your 3rd house will also have you in touch with your local community and people around you in your vicinity. You may also have your consciousness drawn to the past since Mercury also rules the 12th house. You may hear some secret news on May 9th through the 11th when the Sun crosses Mercury. The sun illuminates situation and Mercury rules communication. So keep your ears open.


Jupiter turns direct on May 9th after going retrograde on January 8th. There may be a situation which arises and moves forward when Jupiter hits 23 degrees of Virgo  in Aug-- you got a while to figure out that scenario. Jupiter direct in the third house of communication can amplify matters of writing, speaking, editing,  and other communication arts.


Mars has been retrograding through your 6th house of health along with Saturn. It is a good time to go get a yearly physical / checkup if you aren't feeling your best. The 6th house is also associated with daily routine so watch out when driving in your car. On a more positive note, this Mars retrograde also has you perusing your passions and working on your career since Mars rules your 5th and 10th houses.You may be working extra hard at work, on your daily routine. Just make sure you dont forget to take care of yourself. A love situation may be rocky or on the edge with Mars rx which may come into your awareness after the Full Moon because heated Mars will go straight into your 5th house.


The Full Moon at 1 degree sagittarius will illuminate your 6th house of health. This is just the kind of kick start you need to get on a health regimen. It would be wise to take it easy and stay away from chi vampires and oppositional people.The New Moon on April 7th takes  place in your 10th house of career. This should have you motivated in your career and business ventures. With Uranus and Pluto tied to the New Moon you can expect a surprise which is regenerating in some way. Since Sun rules your second house of resources and the Moon rules your first house this helps direct you in your talents which push you in the direction of your true vocation.