Cancer Horocope

The New Moon on April 7th takes  place in your 10th house of career. This should have you motivated in your career and business ventures. With Uranus and Pluto tied to the New Moon you can expect a surprise which is regenerating in some way. Since Sun rules your second house of resources and the Moon rules your first house this helps direct you in your talents which push you in the direction of your true vocation.



Saturn and Mars in your 6th house point toward a need to start living a structured lifestyle. Where ever Staurn istraveleing in the hosocope is the house which is underconstruction. You may be working extra hard at work, on your daily routine. Just make sure you dont forget to take care of yourself. 


On April 5th the messenger god will move into your 11th house of friends, groups & orginizations. This should be good for networking and getting aligned with like minded people since Mercury also rules your 3rd house where Jupiter and the North Node are traveling. 


Mars goes retrograde on April 17th in your 6th house. Since Mars rules your 10th and 5th houses the direct transit of Mars in your house of daily routine and health may have a direct affect on your romantic/creative life and your 10th house of career and how the world sees you.


Pluto will also go retrograde on the 18th of April in opposition to your Sun and or 7th house of partnership in capricorn. Pluto's main key word is transformsation and regeneration. Pluto is the co-ruler of your 5th house so again there may be an emphasis on romance, speculation and creative endeouvbors. Not only that but the full Moon at 2 degreesscorpio on April 21st will fall in your 5th house. There is def. a direct emphasis on creation, love and friendships this month.