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      A better understanding of astrology and how I can help you. 

  Astrology is not only a science; it is an art in its interpretation of how the stars influence human character. As an astrologer, I examine a birth chart to reveal character, personality patterns, innate qualities, predispositions, potential, life challenges, and more, just as an architect would interpret a blueprint.



  I believe that astrology can be used as a tool to help tap into the psyche, one’s mental functions and behavior. People seek astrologers for guidance and the discipline can point out typical patterns of behavior that help people become more self-aware. The horoscope is a “map of the psyche” that can point out character traits which have not yet become conscious. Character traits can then become conscious in a person's mind, leading to a deeper understanding of one’s self.



  Astrology is very much like psychology, both are systems with diagnostic capabilities.  Normal Psychological complexes can show up in the birth chart and as Carl Gustave Jung, a pioneer of psychoanalysis and psychological astrology said,  I am able to  gain “immediate access to information that would otherwise take months to uncover.”  This instant snapshot of the human psyche has held astrologers to use astrology as a therapeutic tool.  Astrology can lead to not only greater self-awareness but its primary purpose is mental and emotional healing.  



 Astrology also addresses such common human concerns as vocation, relationships, and health issues. Vocational astrology applies information from natal birth chart to the study of career.  The birth chart can point out the vocational needs that a person brings to work as well as his or her talents and abilities that can be best expressed in a social way. Astrologer Beatrix Braukmueller wrote that “true vocation” is always connected with the urge to realize one’s potential and always matches our predispositions and talents.  “Vocation, therefore, needs more than a degree or an apprenticeship.  It has to express social abilities which spring from the deepest needs of our soul.”



  Many people most frequently seek guidance in love and work issues. Astrology has undoubtedly saved many relationships with its emphasis on resolving deep, unconscious issues so that all of the patient’s relations improve.  Relationship astrology (synastry) is best known for determining compatibility. When a relationship is looked at through the lens of astrology, the result is a deeper understanding of the partnership, the other person’s wants and needs, and the best way to improve one’s interactions with the other person.


  In another important area of life, astrology address health issues.  Both doctors and psychologist are now more aware of how mind-body interaction can affect one’s health. Medical astrology and modern medicine have been connected since their inception.  Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, used astrology extensively in his practice:  “A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”


  Medical astrology can predict disease and its causes through a study of an astrological chart. It can pinpoint the timing, location, and duration of diseases and injuries. The birth chart shows imbalances and diseases caused by mental and emotional stress.  Birth charts reveal vulnerabilities that can lead to disease, including heredity, past life, childhood illnesses, and learned neurotic behavior.


  When vocational, relationship, and medical astrology are integrated into psychotherapy and medicine, clients and patients alike experience a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of their behavior and personalities, a more meaningful level of growth, and a better quality of life.  As Sir Isaac Newton said, “Study the subject.”

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