Aquarius Horoscope

The New Moon in Aries will take place in your 3rd house of local community, siblings, self talk and daily activity. This means you will have a lot to do! Although you may not be able to attend all these local activities since the Moon rules your 6th house of health and daily routine and Saturn is there making sure you're working extra hard. Saturn represents delays and obstructions and since he is the ruler of your Sun (physical vitality) you will be working extra hard on your health and work activity.



 Mars the planet of passion, drive, war, and desire is going retrograde in your 6th house on April 18th, Watch for people getting on your nerves in your work environment and don't feed into any confrontational anger that other will be displaying. Astrology is a key into human behaviors so be your oddball self and watch like an outsider. Mars also rules your 10th house of career. You may get some opportnities that come unexpectedly since the New Moon's ruler was also at your M.C. This represents how other people view you its like your public persona and true vocation house. So if you've been working your Saturn in time you will reap rewards. 


Mercury enters Taurus on April 6th in your solar 4th house, This is a time where you may withdraw to reflect and think about all the ideas you have encountered. You may have a shift in awareness when it comes to your family and domestic life. There is something there that you may need to take a closer look at and you will get that chance when Mercury goes retrograde on April 29th, This will be a time for you to make sure your home life meets your needs. Since Mercury will also be squaring your Sun you will be more busy than usual. Just watch that you aren't coming straight from your ego when communicating 


 Since Mercury rules your 5th house of creativity and your 8th house of joint finances maybe the speculation is about getting married and moving in with your partner. You do have Jupiter the benific and the North Node of the Moon traveling through your 8th house. This should  mean that you get a form of increase, this can also be an inheritance, or some form of increase from other peoples resources, 


The Full Moon on April 22 at 2 degrees scorpio will illuminate your 10th house of career and your 4th house of foundations since the Sun will be there. The tenth house can also represent the parent from which you gain your social identity and the 4th house is your home, family and roots. With the Sun/Mercury  in your 4th events which occurred in the past may come back to you through memories. This is a good time to seek help from an astrologer/therapist since the Sun is illuminating rays of consciousness into your direct line of awareness. However, it will be your 10th which is illuminate and any transit that takes place at the top of your chart will be no secret. The Moon also rules the public and also our emotional responses to the world. With the Moon ruling your soar 6th you nay get a new work opportunity or need to change jobs.  Venus will also be in alignment with Uranus in your 3rd house during the Full Moon. This can produce some rather unexpected events which affect your 4th house of home and 9th house of travel. This will def. be a stimulating and different day.