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The  New Moon on April 8th highlight's your physical body, sence of self and your spiritual identity. This lunation  is also in close aspect to Uranus, the planet of change, and in hard energy flow to Pluto. You may be experiencing some unanticipated change's which in the end will be of benefit to your growth so that you can be your own creative leader. 


The New Moon took place in your 10th house of career. This should have you motivated on your career and business ventures. With Uranus and Pluto tied to the New Moon you can expect a surprise which is regenerating in some way. The Sun ruling your second house of resources and the Moon ruling your Sun helps direct you in your talents 


The New Moon took place in your solar 12th house. This is the house of self-undoing, hidden karma, hidden enemies, partner's mental health, institution's and gems we forgot about from previous lives. Thus, this lunation may lead to events which lead to isolation. Pay close attention to your dreams since this lunation in the 12th belongs to the realm of dreams. 


The Aries New Moon activates your 9th house of higher education ,spirituality, long distance travel and divination. The 9th house rules that which we are unfamiliar with; foreigners, flying saucers, occult knowledge & spirituality. With the New Moon and Uranus are also positive energy flow to your Sun you should get a boost 


The New Moon highlighted your 11th house of friendship and organization's which you belong to. The Moon light’s up your 2nd house of resources and the Sun your third house of daily routine.You may come in contact with a friend or someone in your local area which you end up profiting from in some way. Saturn and Mars opposing your solar 7th 


The New Moon popped off in your 8th house of secrets, sex, other peoples resources and latent talents which are ready to manifest. This energy should help you tap into your inner warrior to trailblaze towards your hopes, wishes and dreams.


On April 6th Mercury enters your 8th house of transformation, other peoples resources, occult and latent talents readto manifest. Hermes in your 8th will have a direct impact souronding travel, sprituality, life direction, forieners, secrets, and will most likly manifest from help behind the scenes. Venus your planetary ruler also enter Aries on March 6th


On April 7th the New Moon aligns in your 4th house of home and foundations. With Uranus in your 4th things have prob. been hectic and erratic when it comes to your foundations and home life. Either you feel like you need freedom from the home or you’ve been moving a lot. Saturn your planetary ruler and Mars are currently in your 12th solar house.


On April 7th the Moon will align with the  Sun in his sign and degree of exaltation in close conjunction to the planet of freedom and erratic change in your 6th house of daily, routine, health and service. The New Moon may have you wishing and dreaming of foriegn lands and maybe even a carerr which aligns which your spiritual mission,


The New Moon in Aries will take place in your 3rd house of local community, siblings, self talk and daily activity. This means you will have a lot to do! Although you may not be able to attend all these local activities since the Moon rules your 6th house of health and daily routine and Saturn is there making sure you're working extra hard. Saturn 


Love is in the air! The New Moon on April 7th pops off in your solar 5th house of love & passion.  However, this Moon also in close aspect to Uranus. Meaning there may be surprises that are just too much to handle. After, you already have a load to deal with since Saturn has been transiting back and forth over you Sun since 2014.  


I know you have been feel extra glam with Venus in your sign but she moves out of pisces and moves into aries on the 6th of April to align with the New Moon. Luna aligns with the fiery Sun in his place of exaltation in your 2nd house of talents, assets and resources. Your finances should be fabulous this month! You may even find this to be quite surprising since uranus is tied in closly to the New Moon. 

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